As usual, LOTS of new MEs to cover tonight including ASMR, mice with 2 dads, fish reproduce with males alone, rainbows are circles, last battle of the American revolution was not what you think, Jesus was not a carpenter (!!!), salivary stones to go with tonsil stones, christmas eve boxes, horses/cows scratch head with foot, Saddam Hussein wrote romantic novel on Amazon, vaping through eyes, stomach vacuum, belly inflation, hyperthyroid bulging eyes, dirty thunderstorm, Australia not furthest south, no such day as presidents day (usa), attack on Oregon in WWII, parthenogenesis in turkeys/chickens/pigeons and offspring not identical, Lake Natron calcified animals, dog walks like human, naming snowstorms, african grey parrot has red tail, Abraham Lincoln was gay (?), sea foam from algae, Mississippi river water does not mix with other waters, Chinese pyramids, Argan oil from goat poop, King Arthur may have been real, and more!

This is my weekly live stream where I discuss many new Mandela Effects beyond what I cover in regular videos as well as take time to interact with chat commenters. This stream is for those who believe in the ME and will be moderated accordingly. I do my livestream at the same time every week, Wednesday midnight pacific standard time.