Support the stream: Welcome to Midnight Mandela, a live stream dedicated mostly to discussion of newer mandela effects. Mandela effects for tonight include Milky Way arms continue to shift around and it has 2 diff kinds of bars in the center now, our solar system is in a serious of bubbles, Helicron car, Messerschmitt p1109, Croatia’s dry stone walls, Fruit of the Loom April fool’s joke, genomic imprinting, placentas are made from the Dad’s genes, tapirs have some serious mojo, and more! This stream is for those who believe in the ME and will be moderated accordingly. I usually do my livestream at the same time every week, Wednesday midnight pacific standard time.

You can also find many of my videos on Odysee with my same channel name here: Find me there if our overlords at youtube find me in disfavor!