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Many people have heard about the Mandela Effect, but nobody knows why the phenomenon exists, how it all really started, and what it means for humanity. But this is the Metaphysical podcast, so Rob and John are going to bring you their fascinating research and remote viewing data to get deeper into the possibilities. What are the explanations for why people are noticing their memories not aligning with today’s reality? Have you heard any of the new Mandela Effects that have come up? So what’s the deal: Could our memories be false, or has reality actually changed? Want to hear some of our personal Mandela Effects that had us convinced something strange is afoot? Join the psychic spy John Vivanco and investigative researcher Rob Counts for a show that’s out of this world.

Discussions in this episode:
Curious George: tail or no tail? Rodin’s sculpture “The Thinker”: Where was his hand, and why do people remember one way so strongly that they even do the pose wrong while standing in front of the sculpture itself? Erased from history: the Publishers Clearing House employee who everyone remembers handing out life-sized checks, but who mysteriously “never worked there.” Was the end of the world supposed to be in 2012—and did it happen on another timeline that we’re not on? What’s the real cause of the Mandela Effect?

How does the Mandela Effect relate to ancient cataclysms and the Maya calendar? Are we witnessing timeline shifts that we just can’t fully remember? Would the field of electromagnetics reveal surprising truths if we looked deeper? What do classified projects really know? How has CERN’s work with the large hadron collider affected humanity? Plus dive into theories about subatomic particles, black holes, other dimensions, the double slit experiment, the observer effect, and so much more. Most importantly, what do YOU remember?

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