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Decoding the Mandela Effect Changes.

Some changes are a gift:
Anatomy changes.
Geography changes
Location in the Milky Way Galaxy, these have all bought us time.

Many changes are a revelation of truth:
No Fruit in Froot Loops.
Looney Toons – our vibration is out of wack.
Luke I am your father – No, I AM, your father.
I began to pray – you pretend to pray in this artificial reality.
Life was like a box of chocolate – Now you know it’s deception you get.
It’s a beautiful day in This neighborhood – But not the artificial one your choosing to stay in.
Rodin’s thinker – How we really think in this reality.
Mona Lisa – The mystery of expression is gone.
Bible typos – Not inerrant, read with care.
Bible – Not all God’s words, since God’s words don’t change.
Lion and Lamb – Wolf in the lamb house revealed, religion.
Bible – Paul robbed from the real church for the worldly church.
False beliefs have left us Bare and Stained (Berenstain Bears)

It’s time to tap into the Christ Consciousness and break free of the man made groups and religions.

It’s time we realize our true potential Jesus told us about.
Realizing Jesus taught us to Pray to the Father, not a man.
Truth is being revealed and the man made systems of control are falling away.

Welcome to a New Age of Love, Peace, and spirituality.
Let’s raise the planets vibration and ascend through the power of father God that resides on the inside of each and everyone of us equally.

Love, Peace and Light to all of you!!!

Melania Trump says the Lord’s Prayer at Florida Rally on Saturday Feb. 18th.