Johnny Kashmere’s Wrestling With Reality Ep. 8 – The Mandela Effect. 25 New examples of possible MEs in nature. Plus my own theory on why the ME is happening. Also my first ever personal ME experience. Examples include:
Scorpius Constelation
Planetary Rings
Nevada’s Fly Geyser
China’s Stone Forests
China’s Underwater Lion City
Cancun’s Underwater Museum
Argentina’s Eye Island
New York’s Eternal Flame Falls
Antarctica’s Blood Falls
Siberia’s Glowing Ice Blocks
Brazil’s Flying River
Cambodia’s Pink Rocks
Australia’s Pink Robin
Colored Pearls in nature
Strange Colored Grapes
China’s Blue Mushrooms
The Philippines’ Purple Crabs
Colored Praying Mantises
Washington State’s Glass Butterfly
Iodoicea Fruit aka The Double Coconut Palm
The Custard Apple
The Pelican Eel
The Bismarck Flying Fox
Freshwater Irrawaddy Dolphins