Mandela effect: News Admits You’re in HELL! Jay-Z Speaks 444 Activation


    Finally. This vid is done. This is a breakdown of the map of hell. the news finally admits we are in hell. The ice caps break, World wide flooding. The hidden power of certain witches. Breakdown of high mathematical concepts. What the dancers are doing. How to stop Science from creating black holes in other dimensions. Building the anti quantum blocker, so that no more realities will be able to merge with us. The benefits of MK ultra. How the stars have been changed, scientific proof. Respect for the military. Invocation of Hekate, from “nightmare mode” to real world application. Mind control. Spiritual control. Much here in this video… Shall you enter? A much, much longer description coming soon…

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    Yes, I was also arrested… The judge blessed Me and threw the case away. 444 activation that is My building number lol
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    Peine, from Kishimotos naruto show! many concepts are found within that show. Plus, naruto became hokage already!
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