Do you remember seeing Ed McMahon delivering large checks to winners of a Publishers Clearing House cash contest? So do I, but apparently ed mcmahon publishers clearing house sweepstakes never existed and is another mind blowing Mandela Effect! Many people recall envelopes with Ed McMahon on them as well as commercials for PCH that he was in – but none of that ever actually existed! Do you remember seeing Tinkerbell in the intro to old Disney Movies? So do I, but apparently it never happened and is another mind blowing Mandela Effect! Do you remember Tinkerbells wand doesn’t work in an intro? Did the Fruit of the Loom Logo have a Cornucopia? Did Brittney Spears wear a Headset in her most famous music video? Did the Hpnotiq drink change its name? What color scarf did the Pillsbury Dough boy wear? In this Mandela Effect Compilation we examine these questions and more.

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