We talk everything from the Mandela effect, to E.T., to Scooby Doo! Featuring Mia, Amber, and Nolan! :0

0:00 Dick Pistol, Attorney at Law
0:55 April Fools and St. Patrick’s snake charming
4:08 Micro-Birthdays
6:49 We would go extinct if…
10:26 Berenstain Bears, Bigfoot, and the Mandela Effect
15:25 Flintstones and minor Mandelas
20:45 Reese’s P*nis (eat ’em up, eat ’em up, eat ’em up)
21:33 E.T. scares me, “Cute” characters
25:50 Star Wars is real
28:55 Blade Runner by Pharrel Williams ft. Hans Zimmer
30:08 Buford joins the podcast
31:42 Scooby Doo is strange
40:47 Real Ghostbusters and Anime
44:41 Scooby Doo is a comfort cartoon
46:09 Scooby Doop
48:45 Be Cool Scooby Doo/and Guess Who?
52:52 Teen Titans
55:03 The wrap-up


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