I made this video while driving across the country–I know look a little rough, and I sound a little spastic…but I wanted to get this out. It is about two events that happened last week (9/23 and 9/25). Although the first event was incredible enough in itself…it is the second event I was allowed to see–that I wanted to share most with people. Yes, I know it will sound unbelievable…but it’s the absolute and sincere truth.

If the second event “is” a glimpse of what’s coming upon the Earth for all people…it is going to be EXTREMELY difficult for most people, and it will cause widespread chaos and division.

I honestly don’t think most people will be prepared…or will be able to deal with this. PLEASE DON’T MISUNDERSTAND WHAT I AM IMPLYING IN THIS VIDEO. The minister and/or his organization had NO ROLE in what I saw in the 2nd event.