Think you remember something one way, but now it’s not that way at all? Perhaps you’ve seen a movie or a logo and now that movie just doesn’t’ exist anymore or the logo has been changed. Confused?

Everyone’s talking about this situation called The Mandela Effect. You’ve probably heard some examples, but do you know why the Mandela Effect is happening? On this two-part series, you’ll not only see the top 10 Mandela Effect proofs but also hear who and what insanity is behind the Mandela Effect and why …

Link to Causes of the Mandela Effect Video:

Mandela Effects:
1. Star Wars
2. Forrest Gump
3. The Matrix
4. Moonraker
5. Sally Field
(Coca Cola)
6. Sex and the City
7. Sinbad
8. Mona Lisa
9. Toy Story
10. Bible
Bonus: Snow White

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