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The Mandela Effect Iceberg Explained: https://youtu.be/KSkO5Ii3aLU

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Lets talk about me… Lets talk about the 6 foot 8 frame, the 37 inch vertical leap, the black steel that drips down my back AKA the bullet proof mullet, the Google prototype scopes with built in LCD LED 1080p 3D Sony technology, the Ethiopian poisonous caterpillar AKA slick daddy. Lets talk about the cabinets right behind me that go 40 feet deep into the wall that houses the other 95 percent of my trophies, the awards, the certificates all claiming first place, right? Let me give you a little inside glimpse into the hotshot video gaming lifestyle of the two-time international video gaming superstar. Because that’s what this channels about, that’s what this domains about, that’s what this society is about. You’re looking at the face of Twitch and god damn.

You are talking about the Google prototype scopes with built in LCD, LED, 1080p, 3D, Sony, technology, built into every single lens on the google prototype scopes. They send me a brand new pair every single morning. I step outside of my third mansion front door. Little knock on the door, early morning. I open it up, butt naked with a robe draped over my shoulders. I look down, there’s the package. I open it up, I put it on the marble granite counter top in my kitchen. And then I cut it open. Boom right there there it is. The latest one.