Shawna L. Frances channels the Galactic Federation of Light, answering your questions related to the ascension. Original video was 24 minutes with 2 questions, and then Shawna added a 7 minute session whereby she asked a clarifying question based on what was said in the first session. Questions include: Why are some of us experiencing the Mandela Effect, and does it have anything to do with ascension? What advice does the GFL have for people who have experienced trauma in the lifetime, which may impact their vibration and ability to ascend? Then Shawna asks a third question that came up for her after the first session was complete, related to an answer that was given.

Shawna L. Frances is the founder of the Galactic + Human Ascension Panel (GHAP) and is a member of the Galactic Federation of Light. Shawna channels many beings of higher light including Archangel Metatron, the Pleiadians, the Galactic Council and others. Shawna’s mission is to help emancipate dark energy from the planet and humanity as we ascend into the fifth dimension.

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