In this video, we summarize what we have discovered in 8 different Mandela Message Movies, and we discover even deeper connections that the Mandela Effect has created. We are going to talk about the web-like nature of the Mandela Effect. There are even more connections between these movies (and others) than meet the eye!

After this, we will begin a string of videos discussing the various theories people bandy about when discussing the Mandela Effect. One of them is correct and fits right in with the big picture being painted by the power behind the Mandela Effect. Who is the power behind the Mandela Effect? Well, I have 11 different theories I am about to discuss in 11 different videos. When we get to the 11th one, you will get a more proper introduction to the Man at the controls.

Hearing me talk about theories like CERN and mind control may not be a thrill a minute, but it is important. I want you to understand why so many of the theories people are hanging onto just don’t fit.

Once we have our theory, I will be sharing my third book with you, plus a couple of other things I want to add to the conversation. We will use a quick summary of various Message Movies from my collection (33 of them so far) to reveal the world we’ve really been living in. There will also be lists of various Mandela Effects sorted by meaning to really expand our understanding of the whole thing.

After all of that, I don’t plan on making videos on a regular basis. I would like to be of use in furthering this research and contributing in some other way. Maybe someone would like to discover even more Mandela Message Movies and how they connect together. It is a very rich area for a content creator to mine!