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Be prepared that your reality ends here. The Mandela effect touches most deep, making you question reality and can ‘freak you out’. Yet, this is a natural side effect of ascending to a multidimensional awareness. It’s about becoming conscious about shifting timelines, how to switch parallel realities by will, how sychronicities, dejavu’s and realizing your multiple you’s are a sign you are on the path into multidimensional awakening – and becoming the living mandala / mandela effect.

This is part one of a immense compilation of 7-9 films that condense over 40 videos of most deep information and impact – this will change your life and elevate your heart and mind forever – if you allow it to resonate and flow.

For an overview / intro about the main contents, watch the SPECIAL part:
KlarTraum Mandela Effect SPECIAL 1/3 – Intro / mind-blow overview: https://youtu.be/WSog0IuhhXw

also KlarTraum Mandela Effect SPECIAL 2/3 – more-and-everywhere – Return of Magic: https://youtu.be/z12RvCmByzg
a overview of hundrets of Mandela Effects in all categories.

3 Mandela Effects That Will Blow Your Mind (incl. PROOF), The Paranormal School, 2017

100 New The Mandela Effect Examples (MIND BLOWING & BOGGLING (Freakiest Examples) 2016-2017, Hidden Knowledge, 2017

50 Mandela Effects – ME Compilation – Quantum Awakening, Unbiased & On the Fence, 2017

10 Best Mandela Effect Examples of 2017-2018 NEW – Creepiest Examples, Hidden Knowledge, 2017

Biggest Mandela Effect Ever! Reality Shift Of The Entire Earth The Panama Canal Runs North/South?!?, Brian Stavely, 2019

Human Anatomy Mandela Effect Examples – Are we inside a simulation?, Hidden Knowledge, 2018

Mandela Effect – Glitch in The Matrix – How is this not interesting and good evidence?, The Real Slim Brady

Mandela Effect Explained by Parallel Universe and Multiverse Theory, Universe Inside You, 2018

I promise you haven’t seen a Mandela Effect Video like this one!, Gift From God, 2017

check out the movie / documentary as LucidDream-artwork about
Pranic Living / Breatharians / Ascension into Physical LIght Bodies / mastering the physical:

ger: MIND OVER MATTER – Lichtmensch, Breatharian & Prana Dokumentation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVHzbLxvT-dgsofnWO7CC8vpkki4iJTlu

MIND OVER MATTER – Breatharian & Pranic Documentation (English): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVHzbLxvT-djCsqwlrGXGIKomh7M36N5J

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