This video has been fought every step of the way by satan! He has tried his very best to do all he can to prevent it from being uploaded but through the power and might of our Lord Jesus Christ satan has NO victory! Hallelujah!!!
I want to give proper credit where it’s due. First of all I was woken up by a subscriber of my channel, Mandi Steele, and have never been the same since! Thank you Mandi! With what I’ve learned in my research of the Mandela Effect It is my goal to now wake up as many people as possible to what is going on today! It’s my prayers that you receive this with an open mind and dare to find out the truth for yourselves!
I suggest you check out several channels on YouTube in search of the truth. They are as follows:
Vannessa VA
Meegs B
Here are list of several videos to watch that I must give due credit where its due.


May God bless you in your journey towards finding the truth!