Everything you remember is a lie…

Today on Conspiracy Central, it is time for the Mandela Effect part 2. One video for this crazy conspiracy was just not enough. Watch as Allie and Sam delve deeper into what actually is the Mandela Effect and how does misinformation spread so fast and successfully? What can we actually believe? Not even our own memories?

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Is Tupac Alive? What is Project Stargate? Did Operation Midnight Climax really happen? If you’re curious about any of these questions, then Conspiracy Central is THE show for you! If you want to know more about the crazy theories out there and have a good laugh, then stay tuned! 👽

DISCLAIMER: Conspiracy Central is a satirical show. We do NOT claim to be an educational or informative show, we’re simply here to have fun while discussing exciting conspiracy theories. Please take our content with a grain of salt. 😉

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