If you understand the Mandela effect you will know where I am coming from with this random video. But it just seems weird that everything I go into the record shop in Mt Vernon I feel like I’m in a foreign land. Do you feel the same? or think I’m crazy? Let me know

Jonny Easton ‘Instint’

Colorplay Class’ is my watercolor class, playing with the colors in your palette is the first step in mastering watercolor. If you can’t draw or you think you can’t watercolor this class is for you. But you can support me by purchasing the items on the ‘Colorplay’ class supply list:

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I want to share my art studio ‘Dottie’ and my love for God, on the instructional, heart warming, soul healing journey through art and life experiences.
All of my videos are ‘kid friendly’ because I do these videos as a gift to my grandpeople.
I film whenever I am doing something, many times my hair is messy, I have on my pajamas, and my teeth are nasty from time to time. I do care about my appearance but I am a real person and sometimes a little too down to earth. I don’t mean to shock you, I joke about it from time to time.

Watercolor classes, inspirational chats, on location with guests and more. I share my techniques of printing, selling, anything that I do in real life as an artist I show here.

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