1) New animals, new organs, new phenomena, new discoveries..starting to appear or suddenly being discovered now.
2) Consequently, you start to pay attention to details you haven’t notived previously
3) There is duality in everything. There is more than one reality existing in the same space. Double-slit experiment
4) People are lazy – it’s easier to watch TV than to learn. And even when they watch TV they don’t care to notice details that there is no longer “Mirror, mirror” in Disney’s cartoon. And not knowing some trivia that it was the first feature cartoon, it won Oscar. They watch a movie and they will not remember it in the future – it will be as if they never watched it at all.
5) Synchronicity, Events happening around the world in the same time with different reasons behind them: Cars starting to slam into people – Attacking people on the streets. Or false alarm started at Hawaii (13.1.2018) continued the same week around the globe…