proof that earths geography is being deliberately changed and blamed on Mandela effect yet i have proof of the changing of maps proof at end of video . every one that disbelieves its possible well it reminds me of this video watch this then comment .

I also just found a new effect Asian airlines is now ok Asiana airlines and my spell check agrees this is incorrect but all the video of a plane crash now says Asiana alines
over the last few weeks while i have been home with the flu, I have had a lot of time on my hands so I’ve done a bit of work on computers watch videos. but yesterday I watched a video on the old Mandela theory, where one guy said the geography had changed/ so I looked at Google earth and found it had so I tried to find maps of older original on the net but all the same changed. But I do not think it’s the Mandela effect.. I think either the government is screwing with our minds, as a global experiment or whether its just Google. but the fact that all maps have been changed on the net and I mean all. I’m searching for my old atlas as I know it’s different the way I remember it. Well I know it’s not the Mandela effect but someone deliberately changing maps, and I have found the truth and the evidence to support it as, all maps in Google earth are still the same new map. they have not had time to finish this fiction go today but watch this video, at the end you will see where and how I found the evidence of this global government conspiracy, if you have old atlases get them out look for changes and I bet you will find the old way earth looked before this (bilderburg, illuminati) stunt.

Does History Explain Alternate Geographical Memories?

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