This talk from Ginny and JLL takes an unusual route by making a direct response to another YT content creator, Matt of “quantum of conscience.” It presents an answer, or a set of answers, to a question Matt posed in an email to one of John’s student-friends.

In this talk JLL reviews a number of essential features of the gnostic investigation of the Mandela Effect that he conducted from February to October 2017. Among these features he notes two aspects of the PING phenomenon that brings the Effect to people’s attention: first, the uncoded ping which simply serves to capture attention, and second, the encoded ping which carries a message or elaborated signal. Field of Dream, in both dialogue and title, represents a stunning example of a encoded ping.

Illustration: Field of Dreams presented a major ME based on two versions of a line of dialogue in the film. However, in the gnostic investigation JLL showed how the title of the film encodes a signal that points human attention directly to the dreaming power of the Aeon Sophia. The setting of the divine experiment on earth is her field of dreaming, or dreamfield, or dreamtime field, the “sally fields” and so on — there are various corroborations of this delightful signal.

Music by Piano Andrew: