Many of these experiences are showing us its unreal. Just our regular news events these days ought to wake people out of their slumbering dream.

Sorry for the video visual quality. 🙁

To all the people who wish to complain about my lack of research, I would say the following:
“Dude… Please tell me where I ever said that this virus turns people into Zombies? Not once. I simply read the headlines. Originally, I did read one article and saw that it never claimed to be turning the world into World War Z. I wasn’t trying to make a case that it was. These stupid news headlines do help the controllers push their grn agendas, control agendas, fear of viruses, fear of global warmth, fear of global disasters. The full court press of fear is absurd all in itself. Reality is absurd and Frosty’s missing scarf should prove that to anyone with a brain. The stupidity and obvious agendas behind our mass media is equally obvious.

Please keep in mind that I am a “one take wonder” youtuber. I don’t sit around re-listening and editing my vids in the event that someone out there might misunderstand my point. If I am unclear in a video, if the images suck, if the audio quality is low, I make no apologies. Admittedly, I am not a researcher, and I don’t have hours a free time each day to be a truther on a mission. I’m sharing my experiences in life here almost like a diary for anyone who cares to peak in. Usually I don’t respond to these comments, but for some reason felt a need to defend myself.”