All events in the bible and all events in tablets of Anunnaki are connected and as Nibiru passes its happening again
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The face on Mars is now confirmed as being the tomb of the Annunaki king Alalu After he passed away being exiled from Nibiru.I believe this is why the face has been covered up. As they do not want the truth of our history coming forward. Our true creator was the Annunaki and believed themselves only creator God the same God that mankind worships. The events of Old Testament are in fact the events spoke of tablets 18,000 years old that were found in the city of Sumer. Where the ancient gods were based they eventually called themselves gods one was also known as the Egyptian god Ra our history is a lie but at the same time, the truth what we are told is a myth. Is, in fact, a reality.

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i was visited by the greys last night and they were wearing human style hoodies but they were
since having a mri the Mandela effect shifts have stopped temporarily but +-im being taken yes taken by you know whos. by little greys and they are wearing hoodies trying to look human yes that right im being taken daily/nightly since a mri did turn of the implant
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