Hiii loves and welcome to or back to my channel! In this week’s video, I talk about some of the most interesting mandela effects to date that have personally made me question my life 🙂 I cut out a lot of the footage in this video as it was reaching 40 mins (unedited) but if anyone would like a part 2 then please feel free to let me know! Thank you so much for watching, it means more than you know

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*dm me any youtube ideas pls bc i’m unoriginal and in need of c o n t e n t*

Majid Jordan Ft. Drake – My Love (Instrumental): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHmjfTWHC-E (horribly looped by me lol)

I also added “bloopers” at the end if anyone cares lol ok bye

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U a real one & ily