For more info on my next Monthly Tune-Up group session July 13th & 14th:
If you feel connected/familiar with what I am saying and can feel these frequencies in your hands you might like to be a part of my monthly “Tune-Up” group sessions.

Group Sessions

The next session is on April 13th. Maybe I will meet you in the field then.
Peace Proof we live in a Holographic Universe? Starts at 2:50 Mandela Effect, Where do we go from here? (9:47 – 16:45) & (29:00 till the end)
If you are wondering about the frequencies I mention in the video, please shoot me an email, or check out my other video “Mandela Effect, You can’t handle the Truth or can you” which talks about how I discovered these frequencies and how everyone I know who has attuned to them has went through their own awakening.

After uploading this video I realized, with the help of viewers, there are some grammatical errors in my text. It took me three days to upload this video with my lame WiFi down here in this fishing village so I just decided to leave the grammatical errors in 🙂

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