E13 BeyondMind Podcast, Host Christina Winslow: Cynthia Sue Larson, Quantum Jumps, Mandela Effect Conference and Changing your Future. Contact Cynthia at www.realityshifters.com

Beyond Mind with Christina Winslow is a biweekly broadcast on BBS Radio, Saturdays at 7pm PST, 9pm EST. Christina Winslow is a best selling author, founder of Alchemy of the Mind™ and Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ with SOUNDSYNCTECH™, an international spiritual hypnosis online and live training program for the next gen. Join Christina as she explores quantum physics, neuroscience, brainwave entrainment, subconscious mind reprogramming, past life regression, parallel realities, multidimensional healing, spirit release, and other timely topics to assist you in creating a better life and world!


Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ and SOUNDSYNCTECH™ Brainwave Frequency music are for personal spiritual, non-therapeutic use, and entertainment purposes only, and is not, in any way meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or psychiatric conditions, nor replace care provided by a licensed health care practitioner.

Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ is not traditional Hypnotherapy or clinical hypnotherapy, it is a spiritual hypnosis utilizing unique guided imagery in conjunction with customized SOUNDSYNCTECH™sound frequencies to promote a relaxed brainwave state. Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ practitioners are your guide to your own self-awareness and soul awakening to facilitate the reality you would like to create in your life. Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™practitioners are the reporter and facilitator for you to connect to your Quantum Field Within™and receive information through connecting with your subconscious mind, unconscious mind, conscious mind and universal mind.

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