Who believes their bad memory over the impossible happening? No one, that’s why people aren’t seeing these changes.

But thinking we all share the same false memories in all these instances is crazy.

I can’t vouch for every single change but I can vouch for some of them. The Mandela effect is a fact for me personally. It’s not a debatable topic. We can debate the cause but some things I know for a fact have changed. If anyone looks long enough, they will find things they know have changed too.

Matt Lauer and Sarah Palin’s reaction to Mandela effect changes
ON AIR!!! To Wilson Phillips cover of the Mamma’s and the Poppa’s California Dreaming. The line Pretend to pray used to be began to pray.

We are the Champions by Queen has a different ending now in which they no longer sing of the world. But everyone in the car has a false memory about how this classic rock anthem ends? I don’t think so. Wake up to the Mandela effect. It’s the first step to looking deeper into what this is all about. But if you’re still denying it’s even happening, how can you hope to see the bigger picture?

Wilson Phillips performs “California Dreamin ” on TODAY

Gwen Stefani Carpool Karaoke (w/ George Clooney & Julia Roberts)

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