Today we go over 20 interesting Mandela effects, from Five Nights at Freddy’s, Spongebob details, to an iCarly scene, these Mandela effects are weird…


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The Iceberg Explained
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Iceberg channel
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Correction, the monopoly entry came from user: u/starryrz


Away – Patrick Patrikios
Escapism – Yung Logos
Simple – Patrick Patrikios
The World’s Fair – Godmode
Dolphin-esque – Godmode
Beside Me – Patrick Patrikios
Mysterious Strange Things – Yung Logos
Darkest Child A – Kevin MacLeod
On the Island – Godmode
Lands Unknown – Futuremono
Two Moons – Bobby Richards
Glacier – Patrick Patrikios
Feels – Patrick Patrikios
Secret Job – Godmode


Intro: (0:00)
Spongebob Character Designs: (0:28)
Kanye West: (1:44)
Evidence in Music Video: (2:40)
Missing Squidward Scene: (3:46)
Google logo: (4:45)
Oldest Mandela Effect: (5:56)
American Psycho: (8:12)
Monopoly Man 3 Effects: (8:53)
A1 Steak Sauce Change: (9:33)
Mandela Effect Theory: (10:04)
Missing FNAF scene: (11:44)
Ariel the Mermaid: (12:27)
This is your brain on Dr: (13:19)
iCarly Missing Scene: (14:31)
Spongebob Krusty Towers Theory: (15:55)
Green Lanterns Shoes: (16:33)
A bugs life 2: (17:22)
Nightmare Before Christmas: (18:02)
Coke Zero Logo: (19:04)
Judge Judy Gavel: (20:38)
Mariah Cary Song: (21:31)