Sorry it has taken me so long to get a video out. My laptop was crashed permanently this time. I had to wait until I could afford to get another used laptop. I lost my Photoshop 4.0 disk to reinstall, hence the bad video cover. And, the internet that’s available where I am only has 0.5mbps upload speed. It LITERALLY takes 3 days to upload a video.

I know we are all aware of the change in this video, but I wanted to revisit it (to suggest the best thing to point out in combating the “typical” response we receive). YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS the embedded extra video and pictures in the middle and end of the video. I can’t state here what the video clip is about, or this video will be taken down. We are genuinely out of time.

Pastors and Rabbis
Senior Pastor John MacArthur
Pastor John Hagee
Bible Teacher James Jacob Prasch
Pastor Dave Hunt
Dr David Jeremiah
Senior Pastor Doug Batchelor
Senior Pastor Tony Evans
Evangelist Paul Washer
Pastor Greg Bruce
Pastor Mike Bickel
Senior Pastor Kenneth Carpenter
Pastor John Valenzuela
Lead Pastor Michael Rountree
Senior Pastor Barry Stagner
Pastor Neville Johnson
Pastor Steven Anderson
Senior Pastor Jack Abeelen
Pastor Dwight E Scott
Monsignor Charles Pope
Senior Pastor Joe Schimmel
Pastor Joel Olsteen’s Father
Pastor Derek Walker
Pastor Gene Mixon
Dr Jerry Brandt
Dr Allen P Ross
Dr Ed Hindson
Dr Jonathan Pennington
Bible Scholar Craig A Evans
Author Joel Richardson
Rabbi Tovia Singer
Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser
Rabbi Elijah Michaels
Rabbi David Vazquez
Rabbi Baruch Korman
Rabbi Levi Y New
Cinematic Tension Trailer
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Sad and Emotional Music (Copyright and Royalty Free)
Max Drile – On the Verge of Death

The Epic of Gilgamesh in Sumerian
YouTube Channel: Peter Pringle

Psalm 50 in Arabic: Have Mercy on Me, O God
Father Seraphim Bit-Kharbi
#Arminian #Syriac #SeraphimBitKharbi
YouTube Channel: Adoration of the Cross