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I don’t know what’s real anymore…

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TikTok is going off the deep end and they’re taking me with. it. From Hollow Earth to the World “ENDING” in 2012 conspiracy TikTok knows no limits. Some people spend so much time doubting reality they forget to enjoy it and others are prone to paranoia making conspiracy tok the perfect rabbit hole for them.

But I enjoy hearing about crazy conspiracies and always take them with a grain of salt too. So let’s have fun and learn about some conspiracies!

About me:
I’m Frank Laundry and I make videos to entertain. I’m a young maybe college student, vegan but I don’t make videos around any of that stuff even though I might one day! I try to be funny and at the same time insightful. At the end of the day, I’m just a nobody with a lot on my mind.

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