I own nothing. I’m not interested in any profits. I share this because I consider it to be important for the public to know.
I uploaded this because it disappeared from youtube. Probably for some reason. And for that reason I expect this to be removed again some time soon.
This is the original full length interview of Kerry Cassidy with Bill Brockbrader in Januari 2012. It gets really interesting after about 100 minutes or so. The last 45 minutes specifically are rather monumental. After 120 minutes: Mind Altering and World-View Destructive.
Note: The more someone has been demonized, the more credible he is. However, this is not an invite for any trolls to post any comments. If you are a troll, please stay away. Thank you.
This interview was originally uploaded in January 2012 by Project Camelot.

It’s about the convergence of the timelines, which is the probable cause of most, if not all, mandela effects.
They also talk about 9/11 and tomahawk missiles.