Science examines the following, The Mandela Effect, Ghost Hunting, The Bermuda Triangle & Death. Reports of UFOs over a Vegas strip joint, NEW UfO/UAP files released, a life changing Bigfoot encounter,
a NEW ParaTune – Black Eyed Girl by Robert “BlindDog” Cook.

Your Paranormal 60 News Crew – Dave, The Colonel, Chachi and Greg “The Paranormal Detective” are back to help you celebrate New Years Eve – Eve! We go deep tonight into science, high strangeness and your comments!

Thanks for joining us for Season 1 of The Paranormal 60. It has been a pleasure and an honor to spend these times with you.

Season 2 premieres Monday January 2, 2023!

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The Paranormal 60 News with Dave Schrader – Science & The Mandela Effect Edition