Have you ever heard about the Mandela Effect ? What about the Simulation theory and the possibility that reality has been glitching all over ? Recently there’s this huge hype going on around the possibility that we may be living in a simulation and that maybe somewhere in time we’ve shifted to an alternate universe. But is there any sense to this mysterious and unexplained phenomena or is it just a bedtime story ? Today we will be analyzing a creepy and mysterious connection between a small town , the mandela effect and the simulation theory that is leaving absolutely every one baffled. Also we will be analyzing several glitch videos that may actually prove that the Mandela Effect isn’t just some strange and creepy phenomena. Welcome to the Impossible channel where James LaFleur analyses the creepiest and the most mind blowing videos for your entertainment.

Narrated by James LaFleur
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For the past decade people have been noticing several strange and creepy details about past memories changing all of a sudden. For instance millions of people remember the Berenstain bears being written with an e as in Berenstein bears, people also remember Britney spears using a plaid skirt or a microphone in one of her video clips, people also remember the monopoly guy having a monocle and last but no least an interview with Evan Longoria and a blonde reporter – but the thing is: They never happened. But if millions of people remember differently than what is going on ? The mandela effect is an idea that somehow and somewhere in the past we shifted into an alternate reality or universe and that some small details keep changing. Now because most of the people in the world have phone cameras with them it has become easier to actually track these changes and as far fetched as they sound there are many of them that are completely unexplainable and super creepy. But it gets creepier. A TikTok account has been able to use an old phone to see through this alternate reality and has been uploading mind blowing videos of these mandela effects and to this day people haven’t been able to explain how is it that he is doing this. Not only that – lately there are so many people recording what some coin as glitches in the matrix and residues from this alternate reality that it is becoming more and more evident that this might not be just an idea. Now, to make things even more mysterious , in the past few weeks people have been talking about a very small town in the middle of nowhere that seems to be glitching for some reason and it’s not just one or two people talking about it it’s hundreds. So what’s going on here ? Watch to find out.

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