Today we go over the most interesting Mandela effect, the Fruit of the Loom and the missing cornucopia!

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Mandela Effect
The Iceberg Explained
Fruit of the Loom
Mandela effect iceberg
Iceberg explained
17 new mandela effects
Iceberg youtube channel
Iceberg channel
Iceberg explained part 1


Darkest Child A – Kevin MacLeod
On the Island – Godmode
Lands Unknown – Futuremono
Two Moons – Bobby Richards
Glacier – Patrick Patrikios
Feels – Patrick Patrikios
Secret Job – Godmode
Retro Dreamscape – Twin Musicom
Underwater Exploration – Godmode


Intro: (0:00)
The Simple Explanation: (1:25)
The Ant Bully: (2:17)
News Paper Findings: (3:05)
South Park: (3:43)
Knock Off’s: (3:58)
The Album Cover: (4:35)
Leaf Theory: (7:32)
Strange Trademark Evidence: (8:47)
April Fools Prank and More: (9:13)