Mandela Effect examples that will make you question everything!
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The Mandela Effect is a manifestation of our ability to travel between parallel realities through a process known as quantum jumping, something discussed often by those who use the law of attraction intentionally. Parallel realities, also known as parallel universes or the multiverse, is a framework that has gained prominence in the field of quantum physics. According to this theory, our universe is not the only one; instead, there are countless other universes existing alongside our own, each with its own set of physical laws and conditions.

From the quantum perspective, a quantum jump is the mechanism by which consciousness can navigate between these unobserved states or parallel realities. In other words, our conscious choices may influence the reality we experience and how we manifest our lives, allowing us to “jump” from one parallel universe to another. When someone experiences a Mandela Effect, they may have shifted from one reality to alternate.

“The Mandela Effect” is a phenomenon that has captured the attention and imagination of many. While skeptics attribute the mandela effect to cognitive biases and false memories, proponents of the quantum perspective suggest that it may be evidence of our ability to manifest these shifts between alternate realities through quantum jumping. I explain more in this video and give several Mandela effect examples that may make you question everything!

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