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The Mandela effect is an unusual phenomenon where a large group of people collectively remember something differently than how it really happened, or remember something that didn’t happen at all. It gets strange to examine because usually the people who remember it differently all agree with each other on how it happened. What’s really going on here? how can so many people across the world remember the same thing when it never happened…or happened very differently? In this video you’ll learn about the Mandela Effect! If you enjoy my videos please subscribe, it’ll help my content reach more people!

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Shazam / Shazaam with Sinbad was real and here is all the Movie Information from Shazaam

Sinbad Stopped Fighting the Legacy of ‘Shazam,’ the Movie That Doesn’t Exist, Because of ‘The X-Files’

Yes, I’ve seen Shazam with Sinbad from MandelaEffect




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