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CFI 70 Language and Literature
This video is about the Mandela Effect & Multiverse!

Today we tackle W3.3 — Writing narrative compositions in a variety of forms.
No publisher necessary!

Writing Prompt
The Mandela Effect is a real phenomenon caused when a time traveler alters time. Fragments of memories from a time that should have been leak across. You are from the Time Correction Agency and your job is to alter history without too many people remembering what actually happened.

Note: I’d love to see 3-4 paragraphs, but if you enjoy this activity, remember, you can always write as much as you’d like.

You can either use an example I shared to inspire it, or create your own story to fix a mistake from the past, or correct something that was wronged. How would it change our present?

Please upload evidence of your writing onto managebac for feedback!

*HEY, LISTEN! Sometimes all of this thinking about the past and changing our present can be a bit much. If you find yourself triggered from thinking about how you want the world to change, take a break. Better yet, write about the monster that really wanted to change the spelling in Fruit Loops and set the heavy stuff aside.. this should be fun!

Resources for Mandela Effect Examples:

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