In this weeks episode of Sex, Lies, and Videotape,…, I mean Mandela effects for tonight include world’s biggest nut looks like the opposite of a nut, dolphin you know what can fertilize cow oocytes/eggs (and then Chatgpt4 lies/hallucinates a massive fake storyline of research about it and similar to me that takes me a week to figure out is fake, do NOT trust chatgpt4 for research without cross checking all data cuz it lies big time!), another new ME country in Africa called Comoros is French Muslim (?!!), female chickens can turn into males enough to fertilize eggs, no more limits apparently to how long scientists can keep lab grown mini human brains alive in a dish so they can play pong and who knows what else (sorry I forgot to mention that dish brain info came from JOJOs and DARK WOLF!), females have prostate glands and more! Covering newer and evolving Mandela Effects, I usually do my livestream at the same time every week, Wednesday midnight pacific standard time. This channel is designed for believers in the Mandela Effect and will be moderated accordingly.

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