Mandela Effects 2019 // Happy New Year. I’m excited to share some more New Year – New Mandela Effects that are affecting people everywhere. Please comment and let me know which ones you remember and which ones you don’t!


Mandela Effect: “Deck The Halls”.
Current: “Deck The Hall”.

Mandela Effect: Rosie The Riveter was smiling big arm muscle.
Current: Rosie The Riveter Not Smiling and small arm muscle.

Mandela Effect: Freddy Krueger’s sweater black and red stripes.
Current: Freddy Krueger’s sweater green and red stripes.

Mandela Effect: Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse) wears suspenders.
Current: Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse) does not wear suspenders.

Mandela Effect: The Portrait Of Dorian Gray.
Current: The Picture Of Dorian Gray.

Mandela Effect: Richard Simmons wore a headband
Current: Richard Simmons never wore a headband.

Mandela Effect: The Laughing Cow had a nose ring and one or two earrings.
Current: The Laughing Cow has cheese packets hanging from it’s ears and no nose ring.


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